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Wellness is a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. It combines taking care of your body, healthy eating, moderate physical activity and kind attitude to the world. People who live according to wellness philosophy are full of energy, successful, optimistic and active no matter what age they are. This month, before the Valentine`s Day, we offer you new package, which will be a great present to yourself and your loved ones!     ​


1. Infraredsauna, 15 min

2. Full body peeling with massage, 60 min

3. Thai Traditional or Thai Oil massage, 60 min

4. Facial treatment, 60 min

Infrared sauna

Infrared sauna has strong positive effect on health. It makes immune system stronger, cleans out toxins, improves skin, relieves stress. Infrared sauna gives mild but deep heating of the body with the medium temperature of 60-65C inside the sauna cabin. This makes sweating process intense and effective. Infrared sauna is a certain way to feeling great!


Full body peeling with massage

Body peeling containing natural products, due to which regenerative processes in the skin are accelerated, the skin is moisturized and becomes velvety. Peeling is absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin, nourishing and moisturizing it. It effectively cleanses the skin, relieves inflammation and soothes, creating a protective layer on the skin.


Traditional Thai massage

Thai massage technique consists of pulling moves similar to yoga (there from came the name Thai Yoga massage), acupressure and work with body`s energy lines. This helps to eliminate the excess fluids, toxins, normalize blood and lymph circulation. Thai massage has enormously wide range of use. It is used to relieve muscle and joints pain, head ache, to increase the flexibility of joints, tone muscles, eliminate problems with digestion, stress, insomnia, to strengthen nervous system, to cleanse the organism, stimulate the work of all internal organs and many more.


Thai Oil massage

This massage is a charming combination of muscle, reflexology massage, light manual therapy and unbeliveable softness of thai masseur`s hands. This is a massage with natual oil, which influences your body and it`s light aroma improves your mood. A skilful choice of oils and slow, stroking movements relieve problems such as tense muscles, cellulite, stress, sleeping disorders, blood pressure fluctuations or just bad moods.


Tonifying facial peeling

Peeling is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments, which is especially good for autumn, when sun is not so active. One of the most important goals of peeling procedure is stimulating skin by eliminating upper layers of epidermis. Results are anti-ageing effect, regeneration, moisturizing, elimination of skin defects and pigmentation (also acne and its consequences). By reinforcement of collagen production we restore skin elasticity. Natural process of healing is activated and as a result skin is totally renewed.




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