SPA-program "Cherry-vanilla Delight"

  • Infrared sauna, 15 min
  • Vanilla peeling for all body, 30 min
  • Cherry wrap for all body, 30 min
  • Thai or Oil massage (by the choice), 60 min
  • Face massage treatment, 60 min


Master delicate hand movements will release your body from tension and vanilla with cherries aroma will improve mood, cause positive emotions, relieve stress.

Cherry wrap tones the skin, it provides a tightening effect and stimulates the breakdown of fats, removes excess fluid, waste products and toxins from the body, activates metabolic processes in cells, improves microcirculation, hydrates and nourishes the skin.

Facial massage - refreshing skin tone, improves circulation and skin appearance.

3 h
15 min
Client price: