B-Flexy LPG Massage

B-Flexy LPG Массаж



B-Flexy massage is one of the most popular modern methods in order to restore your body, mood and get rid of excess body fat. B-Flexy massage is carried out of using the B-Flexy device through a special suit. B-Flexy massage consists of of vacuum massage and lipomassage.

Vacuum massage accelerates metabolism, blood- and lymph circulation. Lipomassage is aimed to the local reduction of fat in certain places.

B-Flexy massage is not painful, because the master selects suction power based on sensations of the client.

Vacuum massage B-Flexy affects the points of the circulatory and nervous system, which improves sleep, reduces stress and cold feet.



As a result from B-Flexy LPG massage:


• Cellulite reduced
• Body shape improves
• Weight reduced
• Fat deposits are reduced
• Increases skin elasticity



The LPG massage system was invented by the doctor and engineer Louis Paul Guitet in France. The name of the LPG massage method also came from the initials of his name. The method has been used since 1986. Initially, the LPG massage system was intended for use in rehabilitation purposes, but later spread to a beauty salons. The LPG procedure has been proven by many clinical studies.
Lipomassage is an excellent non-surgical alternative to get rid of fat deposits, cellulite and improve skin elasticity. The secret of slim body is that lipomassage activates fat cells, stimulates collagen and elastin fibers by strengthening fibroblasts. The skin tone improves, the deposition of fat decreases and the existing irregularities of the subcutaneous tissue disappear. In addition, fluid exchange is accelerated and swelling is reduced.


The recommended course of therapy can take 2-3 times a week, at least 10 times as an intensive course, and then continue with subsequent therapy 2 times a month, and in the future even once a month is enough to maintain the achieved results.



1 time - 35 €

5 times - 130 €

10 times - 250 €


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Such massage is absolutely contraindicated in the following cases:


• The presence of tumor changes in the body, both benign and malignant
• Any blood disease
• Vascular and heart diseases
• Skin diseases
• Pregnancy


B-Flexy massage is relatively contraindicated under the following circumstances:


• Hypertension;
• Virus and infections
• General malaise
• Elevated temperature