“Energetic Cocktail”

Treatment, which gives a lot of energy and tonus. Traditional thai massage and foot reflexology massage include acupessure and work with energy lines on the body, which according to China medicine, go through whole body. Certain points on the energy lines while pressured help to become free of toxins, exess fluid, normalize blood pressure and lymph circulation. This is also a secure, various and personal muscle training, which is equal to a fitness session with a trainer. Also during the massage you get deep relaxation – you will become free of everyday worries and stress, be filled with positive emotions and new inspirations. For achieving maximum effect treatment is carried out by two thai specialists at one time, which also gives opportunity to save time because of higher efficiency.

  • Traditional thai massage by four hands, 1 h
  • Thai reflexology foot massage by four hands, 45 min
1 h
45 min
Client price: