Buddha’s Friend

In the XVII century the French diplomat, who worked in Thailand, wrote: "In Siam when someone is ill, begins treatment with the fact that his body crumples and crushes specially versed in this case the person who even sits on the patient and squeezes his legs" .

In fact, Thai massage is even older - it is about 2,5 thousand years. This ancient art of physical and spiritual healing. It’s ancestor, as well as the father of all Thai medicine doctor Dzhivahu considered. This man came from North India and was a close friend and associate of Gautam Buddha. Fragments treatise Dzhivahu doctor about the intricacies of massage hang on the wall of Wat Pho - Bangkok's main temple. About more than respect for the healing power of Thai massage is the fact that today the kingdom of Siam massage is included in the formal health system.

Traditional Thai

So, you came to the salon. Thai massage masters will welcome you warmly, you change of notation in soft slippers, and you feel immediately comfortable. If you order something called «Traditional Thai massage», offers a large change in pajamas and lie down on the mat, spread out on the floor. The masseuse will ask you if you want to massage was strong (strong), medium (middle) and light (soft).

Magic lines and points

In all kinds of Thai massage effect on your body is carried out by an invisible energy lines of your body. In Thai they are called "sen". Key ten sen must know every good therapist. On these lines, acupressure points are located, to which the master is to press during a massage. This is somewhat similar to the Chinese doctrine of acupuncture, but no needles here, so it is called acupressure. Experienced Master knows where these points are located on your body, since they have a higher temperature is different from the general body temperature. He also knows that the impact on them will help clear your energy channels and flows of vital energy will be able to move freely through the body.

Original Thai massage should continue at least in one hour, better in one and half. This is the minimum time for which the effect on your body can have the desired effect. So do not try to save money and take a half-hour massage - this service can offer only an unscrupulous salon.

The final chord is usually becomes a head massage. Thais consider the head sacred part of the body. On the chin, cheeks, ears and back of the head, too, there are points that are gentle on the calm you get rid of headaches, helps with colds. If you got up from the mat, you will feel the tone and flexibility throughout the body, coupled with the incredible relaxation, the massage was successful. Thai massage is invigorating and soothing at the same time. The muscles are soft, the blood circulates freely, relieving stress. "What else do you need for happiness?" - You think and be sure to come again.